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Ergonomics is the study of how to improve the fit between people and their tasks in the workplace.

It involves applying knowledge about human characteristics (for example, strength, size, abilities, vision, etc.) to design better jobs. Ergonomics can improve both the health and well being of workers. Good ergonomics has been shown to reduce back pain, sprain and strain injuries, discomfort, fatigue, and workplace accidents. Ergonomics looks at all work characteristics such as:

  • Tools, equipment, machinery, tables, chairs, noise, and lighting;
  • Pace of the work, how the work is organized and production requirements;
  • Workstation layout and work procedures

Office Ergonomics Self Help Kit

OHC has produced an Office Ergonomics Self Help Kit. The purpose of the kit is to prevent work-related injuries by helping you identify and solve problems with the setup of your computer workstation. The kit is a self help guide for workers, employers, joint health and safety committees, and occupational health and safety professionals. For access to all related resources and checklists please fill out the form below.

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