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Injured Worker Support

More than one million workplace injuries occur every year in Canada (CIWA). On an average working day in Canada, three Canadian workers will be killed or die because of occupational disease, hundreds will be seriously injured or made ill because of work, and thousands of families, communities, and workplaces will be affected (Threads of Life). In Manitoba, thousands of workers continue to be injured on the job or develop illnesses from dangerous conditions at work.

OHC recognizes that many workplace factors affect the physical and mental well-being of workers. Left unchecked, these factors may become hazardous and cause real harm to workers over time. Many chronic conditions including repetitive strain injuries, most mental health diagnoses, and ‘generalized burnout’ are not adequately covered by existing legislation. OHC offers support and resources to workers who have been injured due to their work, regardless of whether they have filed a compensation claim. OHC also offers support to workers seeking a medical opinion on aspects of a WCB claim; please refer to our clinical services page to learn more about how we support workers filing WCB claims.

Below we have provided links to external sites to help workers find additional information.

MFL Occupational Health Centre has no control over the accuracy, legality, or content of external sites and their inclusion does not imply we endorse all the content found on these sites. Please note they are not a substitute for legal advice.

Workers’ Compensation Resources

How to report an injury – Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

Manitoba Federation of Labour WCB Resource Guide for Worker Advocates

Manitoba Fair Practices Office

For support with Workers’ Compensation appeals

Legal Aid Manitoba

Legal Help Centre (for those who don’t qualify for legal aid)

Worker Advisor Office (WCB Appeals)

The Appeal Commission – The Workers Compensation Act of Manitoba

Injured Worker Support

Canadian Injured Workers Alliance

Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba Programs and Services

Community Unemployed Help Centre

Klinic Community Health Crisis Support (includes Workers Compensation Board Distress Line)

Threads of Life

Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group

Power Over Pain Portal – Chronic Pain Support

Watch the Injured Worker Speaker Series we organized

The Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers Support Group by Steve Mantis, the Founder

Community Unemployed Help Centre by Sandra Guevara-Holguin, the Advocate

Making the Connection Between Work Injury and Chronic Pain by Lynn Cooper, Director of Research and Education for the Canadian Injured Workers Alliance

Workers Compensation Appeal Process by David Popke, Workers Compensation Specialist, Manitoba Government and General Employees Union