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Whether your problem is too much information or too little information, we can help.

You need clear and meaningful information on any health and safety hazards in your workplace. The Occupational Health Centre (OHC) has one of the most extensive and up-to-date workplace health and safety print libraries in Western Canada.

We are also connected to a wide range of health and safety databases from around the world. OHC publishes a variety of up-to-date articles and resources on current issues in occupational health and safety, fact sheets on common health and safety concerns, and self-help kits. We can help you find and interpret the information you need to improve health and safety in your workplace.

How can you get the information you need?

Worried about how safe a product in your workplace is? Interested in finding out how other people handle problems and issues similar to the ones in your workplace? OHC is a great place to look for answers to workplace health and safety questions.

Check out our resource centre

Our resource centre is open to the public. You can look up information in the latest articles, books and magazines. Our resource centre coordinator can help you in your research.

Ask for our opinion

Our staff will help you interpret work-related medical and technical reports.

Get one of our fact sheets

We have resource sheets on a wide range of health and safety issues in a number of languages. We can also develop materials specific to your workplace.