How healthy is your work team?

Mitch BourbonniereOHC staff recently attended a Team Building Workshop facilitated by Mitch Bourbonniere, MSW & offered through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Mitch shared greatly from his own experience in a variety of teams both professional and personal, and incorporated many Aboriginal teachings into the workshop.

We learned that members of Healthy Teams experience the characteristics listed below.

How does your work team meet these needs for you?

Belonging – I feel accepted, welcomed, safe, supported, appreciated and recognized.

Empowerment – I feel competent/skilled at my job, valuable, my opinion is valued.  I’m included in decision-making.

Identity – I know my professional role, others’ know my role, I can be myself, I contribute professionally and personally to the well-being of my team.

Purpose – I know my contribution is important, I feel like I’m making a difference.