Mindful Workplaces Leading the Way

WINNIPEG, MB (March 12, 2014). Over the last several years interest and knowledge regarding

psychologically healthy workplaces has grown as Canadians begin to recognize the huge cost

of mental health issues in the workplace. In fact, the Mental Health Commission of Canada

has found that of the total economic burden caused by mental illness in Canada—about $51

billion per year—a staggering $20 billion stems from workplace losses.


“We need to work together to make our workplaces healthier and stronger,” shares Nicole

Chammartin, Executive Director of CMHA Winnipeg Region. CMHA Winnipeg offers many

courses and tools to support workplaces wanting to develop their organizational health,

including popular choices like the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.


Since starting to offer MBSR in Winnipeg in 2008 CMHA Winnipeg has trained hundreds of individuals

and gone on to develop a skilled core network of teachers. In addition, there are now

several workplaces and partners that offer MBSR regularly to their employees and/or clients.

One successful collaboration that stands out for Chammartin is the partnership with the MFL

Occupational Health Centre (OHC), who began offering MBSR to their clients, partners, and

employees in 2010. OHC is a community health centre funded by Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

OHC helps workers, employers, and health and safety committees to improve workplace

health and safety conditions and eliminate hazards.



“In today’s workplace, many workers are dealing with a great deal of stress” reports Karen

Hamilton, Health Educator at OHC. “MBSR is an important strategy that can assist workers

to respond to stress in healthier ways. At OHC we also understand that creating healthy workplaces

is necessary for the health of workers. MBSR has inspired us to learn more about how

organizations can become mindful and support employees to bring mindfulness into their work

lives.” Mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce workplace conflict, enhance teamwork

and improve decision-making. It is beneficial for both employers and employees.


Read the full news release here: Mindful Workplaces Promote Org Health-1