New System on Labelling & Classification of Chemicals Starts – WHMIS 2015

The new Globally Harmonized System on the Labelling and Classification of Chemicals (GHS) starts February 11, 2015 replacing WHMIS 1988 and becoming WHIMS 2015:

  • The Hazardous Products Regulations will be published February 11, 2015.
  • through CCOHS will change February 11 (with information for workers across Canada). The Health Canada WHMIS website will also change February 11.
  • Free online worker training is available via CCOHS, and the CLC is working to develop WHMIS for Workers Facilitator’s notes to support the CCOHS online WHMIS for Workers e-course.
  • At the federal level, the transition is more or less complete. Part II of the Canada Labour Code will need to be updated by the Labour Program for consistency.
  • The provincial and territorial regulators will have a two-step implementation process. First they will communicate what are the obligations for employers, until such time the regulations can be passed in their province or territory. Secondly the provinces and territories will pass their regulatory framework. Currently all of the provinces and territories are on track to have the second step in place by June of 2015, as we understand it. The provinces and territories are moving forward now to ensure that employers are aware of their obligations for training.
  •  February 11, 2015 will begin the 2 year+ transition from WHMIS 1988 to WHMIS 2015. The deadlines are: June 2017 for suppliers; June 2018 for distributors and December 2018 for employers.

Source:  Canadian Labour Congress

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