New WCB Initiatives Enhance Fairness

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) has announced a number of new initiatives that will enhance the fairness of WCB’s experience rating system for workers and employers.  These initiatives are part of a response to a report released earlier this year by Paul Petrie, an external consultant to WCB.  New initiatives will include:

A New Compliance Unit – to inveetigate allegations of claim suppression.

Assessment Rate Model Changes – establishing an Advisory Group from labour and employers to review proposed changes to the rate model.

Serious Injury Support Worker position – created at the Worker Advisor Office

Return to Work Review – a review of customer service and return to work in Case Management at WCB.

Claims Reporting Campaign – a two month public awareness campaign to encourage workers and employers to report injuries to WCB.

Outreach to Vulnerable Workers – brochures, stickers, posters and video in 22 different languages as well as material and a video for use in English as an Additional Language classrooms.

To read more about these new initiatives download WCB’s News Release News release – Enhance Fairness for Workers and Employers.