The OHC has a new space – and a new face!


After 30 years at the Union Centre, the MFL Occupational Health Centre is moving. This summer, the OHC will join Klinic Community Health and the Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) at a new hub at 167 Sherbrook Street. The building, formerly home of Epic IT Solutions, is undergoing an extensive renovation to accommodate the three community health clinics and will provide ample space for community connection and collaboration.

The MFL Occupational Health Centre was formed in 1983 by Dick Martin, then president of the Manitoba Federation of Labour, who saw a gap in health care to meet the needs of workers and provide quality, accessible, and comprehensive services on workplace health and safety.

Today, OHC is a community health centre specializing in workplace health and safety. A non-profit, charitable organization, OHC is funded by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, along with grants from the Worker’s Compensation Board, the Federal Government, and individual and Union contributions. OHC helps workers, employers, and joint health and safety committees to improve workplace health and safety conditions and eliminate hazards. Services are available free of charge, and include a medical clinic, workplaces services, and education and outreach to workers and workplaces.

The move to 167 Sherbrook, along with Klinic and SERC, will provide OHC with more space from which to assist workers. OHC maintains a library on health and safety – one of the largest in Western Canada – and the new space will also encompass a training centre within the OHC office, as well as access to several other training sites across the building, supporting more health and safety workshops in the community. The move will promote cross-agency collaboration and knowledge-sharing and provide opportunities for further partnerships and services.

With an exciting new space on the horizon, it was also time to update the look of the centre to carry OHC in to its next phase. OHC’s new tapestry logo represents the four intersecting service pillars of OHC – medical care; cross-cultural community development; education, training, and outreach; and our resource centre. The logo features prominently on the new facade of 167 Sherbrook, and is the first step in a refreshed face – be on the lookout for a brand new website in the next few months, with several practical health and safety tools and resources for your workplace.

The MFL Occupational Health Centre has been there for workers for over 35 years and will continue to be the source for worker-centred health and safety training and care. From helping joint health and safety committees, providing individual workers with primary care and system navigation support, and  presenting innovative approaches to psychological health and safety in the workplace, OHC will continue to evolve and expand into the next phase.