OHC Submission to the Workers Compensation Act Review 2017

Feb 17, 2017:  OHC made our submission to the Workers Compensation Act Review earlier this week. Highlights of our submission include recommendations to:

  • expand compensation to cover mental health disorders
  • develop stronger and more effective ways to deal with claim suppression by employers
  •  ensure newcomer workers are able to communicate with the WCB in their own language and that  interpretation and translation are consistently being provided to those workers who need it.
  •  ensure safe return to work for all injured workers instead of the current widespread practice of early and  aggressive return to work that often delays recovery for many workers.
  • eliminate the “dominant cause” test in favour of “causative significance” to determine if an injury or illness has been caused by work
  • support the important and critical role of workers’ own treating health care provider in the workers compensation system

Read OHC’s full submission here: 2016 OHC WCA review

Legislation requires a comprehensive review of the Workers Compensation Act be undertaken every 10 years.