Province Introduces New SAFE Work on Wheels Mobile Unit

WINNIPEG – Sept 26, 2014:  The new SAFE Work on Wheels mobile unit was launched today, to help drive safety and health awareness at Manitoba workplaces.

SAFE Work on Wheels features four safety demonstrations that apply to a large number of industry sectors including construction and manufacturing. The demonstrations include:

 Eye Protection – see the outcome of shooting a nail gun at safety glasses versus non-safety glasses

 Fall Protection – view the impact on a falling person when not using shock absorbing protective equipment

 Lifting – watch the new SAFE Work robot demonstrate the difference on the body when using legs to lift instead of the back.

 Hand Safety – experience a cutting edge hand safety demonstration.

The mobile safety unit – an initiative of SAFE Work Manitoba and a part of Manitoba’s Five-Year Plan for Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention – will educate workers and employers about the importance of workplace safety. Read more.