Workshop on Mental Health & Stigma in the Workplace at MFL Health & Safety Conference 2015

OHC staff co-facilitated a two day workshop with MGEU on Dealing with Mental Health & Stigma in the Workplace at the Manitoba Federation of Labour’s Health & Safety Conference on November 23 & 24, 2015.

Participants learned about mental health, stigma, and communication strategies for discussing issues with coworkers, as well as the process of accommodation and return to work for workers with mental health needs.

We also introduced the new National Standard on Psychological Health & Safety and participants had a chance to begin an assessment of their own workplace using the standard & to explore strategies for improvement.

OHC’s new Executive Director Michael Kelly also co-facilitated a workshop on “Changes to Health & Safety Legislation in Manitoba & the Five Year Plan” for conference participants.

Many thanks to the Manitoba Federation of Labour for inviting us to be a part of this important learning event. We were inspired by the union activists we met who are poised to make gains in expanding everyone’s understanding of health & safety to include mental health!

See this photo below of our workshop participants at the final conference plenary holding up signs with key messages such as “We’re all in this together!”, “End the Stigma”.  “Speak Up”, “Be Yourself, it’s OK”, “We ALL have Mental Health”, & more!

Mental Health Report Back MFL H&S Conf 2015