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Programs & Services

Working in Our Community

Our services, available free of charge, include medical clinic, assistance to workplaces and informative fact sheets on a variety of topics such as preventing repetitive strain injuries, respectful workplaces, preventing workplace violence and more.

OHC will work with you to:

  • Find information about your workplace health and safety concern – whether it is repetitive strain injury, stress or respectful workplaces.
  • Determine if your injury is work-related and how to treat it
  • Interpret technical or medical reports on workplace health and safety issues
  • Help your joint health and safety committee to identify problems and solutions to your workplace health and safety concerns
  • Learn about current issues in health and safety through workshops or other training
  • Develop skills so that you can take an active role in addressing your health and safety concerns
  • Raise awareness about workplace health and safety in your community